Conveyors Belts

We deal in Rubber Conveyor Belts of premium quality which are used frequently for various industrial purposes. These are made from hi-grade materials that ensure high durability, tensile strength, resistivity to adverse conditions, good trough-ability and flexibility. Industrial Conveyor Belts are suitable for most of the application. The Conveyor Belts, we deal in, are reliable to the greatest extent due to the fact that these have a wide capacity range and very much customizable. Moreover, we are counted among the major Abrasion Resistant Rubber Conveyor Belt Manufacturers.

General Purpose Belt

We provide a General Purpose Conveyor Belts that are manufactured in accordance to the international quality standards. The General Purpose Conveyor Belts that we present have no alternative available in the market when it comes to high reliability and cost effectiveness. Also, we are one of the distinguished General Purpose Conveyor Belts Manufacturers, exporters, and Suppliers in India. A These belts are mainly produced with Rubber cover M-24 and N-17. However we produced General purpose conveyor belts with following rubber cover and properties. Besides this if any customer request his own cover properties the same can also be produced and supplied by us.

Applications of General Purpose Conveyor Belts :
Crushers, Mining, Coalliers, Thermal Plants, Cement Plants, Steel Plants, Fertilizer plants, Ports, Minerals and Metal Industries etc.

Fire Resistant Belt

We are considered to be one of the eminent Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt Manufacturers in India. We use ethylene vinyl acetate rubber (EVM), and aluminum hydroxide that act as a fire-proofing agent in manufacturing these belts. Small amount of stearyl amine is also added to ensure maximum resistance to fire. We offer these belts as per the specific requirements of clients. Salient features of these belts are as follows:
  • Low Maintenance
  • Provide Control Movement
  • Simple in Design
  • Durability

Heat Resistant Belt

We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt. Our range of conveyor belts are highly appreciated by our clients due to its heat resistance feature and availability in various sizes and designs. These are dimensionally accurate as per international standards.
Special Features of Each Grade
Grade Special Features
HRT-1grade heat resistant belt is premium quality SBR rubber compound with very good abrasion resistance and heat resistance to handle hot materials up to 1000C. This Grade belt is highly resistant to variety of heat applications and good service for iron ore, pellets, casting sand, coke and limestone etc.
HRT-2 grade is an SBR Based compound features excellent heat resistance which is designed to carry hot loads materials with non-cracking property. This belt is most suitable for the materials such as cement products, limestone, clay, slag, etc.
HRT-3 grade are the highest quality conveyor belt available for maximum heat resistance. Cover rubber is specially formulated with EPDM rubber.

Oil Resistant Belt

We have emerged as a well-established manufacturer and exporter of superior quality oil resistant conveyor belts. Compounded of oil resistant synthetic rubber, these oil resistant conveyor belts are immensely used for conveying the components & parts coated with machine oil, heavy-oil treated coal in cooking plants & electric power generating plants. These oil resistant belts are also used for carrying soybean draff, fish meat and other oily materials containing non-polar organic solvents & fuel.

Features :
Excellent resistance to damaging effects while conveying oil contaminated or treated materials.High tensile strength.Wear and tear resistant property Available into 2 types as per cover properties: Anti-abrasive type & Ordinary type

Hygienic Food Grade Belt

Hygienic conveyor belts and food conveyor belts are Fabricated from FDA approved polymers, these food conveyor belts are available in high abrasion resistant, anti-static and oil resistant cover grades. Complying with ISO standards, these food belts are dimensionally accurate and available in standard as well as customized specifications.

These hygienic conveyor belts do not stain and odorize the materials to be conveyed and widely used in the food industries for appropriate handling of food stuffs. Our range of hygienic belts is stringently quality checked to ensure that they are free from any kind of defect.


  • Anti-static finish for reducing the build-up of dust & dirt
  • Optimum elongation
  • Sealed, homogeneous and non-porous surface
  • Reverse side coating, impregnation of reverse side fabrics and edge sealing for ensuring a completely sealed & hygienic conveyor belt

Chevron Belting

oriental Trader’s offers a wide range of profiled Chevron cleated belts which makes increased angles of 30 ° to 40 ° inclination possible. The advantage of high angle inclination is that less space is needed to reach desired conveying height. oriental Trader’s variety of Chevron Belt pattern types to suit most applications and have the advantage of being integrally moulded as part of the Top surface and are suitable for jointing by vulcanizing or by mechanical fasteners. Our range of Chevron Conveyor Belts are primarily used in cases when the angle of incline is too steep for a smooth conventional conveyor belt. These belts are fitted with integrally molded cleats that prevents the material from sliding backwards. Designed for excellent and smooth return side support, these belts generally find application for carrying heavy material from bulk solids to unit loads Designed to handle the toughest conveying applications, oriental Trader’s Conveyor Belt Series fulfils the highest national and international standards for tensile strength and wear resistance.

Rough Top Belt

We are one of the leading Rough Top Conveyor Belt Manufacturers in India. These Conveyor Belts are originally designed for the distribution of light weight goods, fragile or deformed materials and packed goods, like papers, bags, glass, boxes, cartons, etc. Dealing in Grass Conveyor Belts has also earned us loads of appreciation in the market.

Rough Top belts designed for transport of sacks, boxes and parcels. The top cover is made of wear resistant rubber with a non-slip surface.

Due to high inclinations, belts carrying flat packages could have slide-back problems. Rough surface belts with profiles are offered for such applications. They have been specially developed for Baggage Handling Systems, besides finding wide usage in Cement And Fertilizers plants.

Designed to handle the tough conveying applications, CCPL’s Conveyor Belt Series fulfils the highest national and international standards for tensile strength and wear resistance .


  • Less friction coefficient is created.
  • Ideal for running over table and flat panel.
  • Mesh-like pattern generates the relief effect and absorbs any type of vibrations, preventing the material, being conveyed, from slipping.

Straight Warp Belt

Straight Warp Conveyor Belt has a polyester warp yarn for excellent strength with minimum stretch. Also, polyester has excellent chemical and heat resistance. The stability of the polyester makes for superior tracking and the nylon fill yarns of the Straight Warp Conveyor Belt provides for excellent mechanical fastener retention, excellent troughability, and superior rip resistance.

* Greater Rip, tear and impact resistance.

* Straight Warp Conveyor Belt with high strength and low stretch.

* Excellent load support, throughability and tracking.”

Features :
The synthetic fibers yield a higher unit strength and exceptional resistance to abrasion, cutting and snagging. The construction of single-ply increases resistance to flexural fatigue and impacts. Its throughability is much better than a normal fabric. It provides high-carrying capacity and very low stretch. The elongation is approximate 0% at 10% load, hence the belt can be used for long distance conveyor line.

Pipe Conveyors Belt

Pipe conveyor belt is a new type of conveying belt which uses belt carcasses (EP fabric, Steel cord etc.)as skeleton and high elastic, high anti-abrasive and high strength rubber as working surface. They are mainly used in conveying powdery and granular materials etc. that pollute the environment. When working, the rubber belt changes its form from flat to U shape and finally to pipe shape, folding the materials and realizing the process of enclosed conveying.

Features :

  • Closed transportation in order to prevent materials from overflowing ,drop-down, scattering and mixing with foreign materials from outside.
  • This pipe conveyor belt is economical for curve(45°-90°) and incline(up to 30°) transportation due
  • Enclosed conveying of materials thus is protecting the environment.