Transmission Belts

We offer a wide range of Transmission Belts that are manufactured using finest quality materials. Mainly used in harsh conditions for transferring heavy loads, these belts have excellent elasticity and work without any noise. These belts require minimum maintenance and are resistant to abrasion and corrosion. Available in the standard specifications, we also custom-make these belts as per client’s specific requirement.
We are engaged in offering our clients Transmission Belts that are manufactured using high grade materials procured from reliable vendors. These are suitable for all type of industrial drives such as laundry, milling and agricultural machinery. These can withstand high shock load due to its construction and able to endure extreme climatic condition. Plies laminated together under tension to remove stretch and by high pressure vulcanization formed into belting of solid strength and flexibility. Transarm in ‘Black Seal’ quality, laminated with black square treated edges, is made from 34 oz, 31 oz Hard Duck. Anil Rubber Mill Private Limited Transarm in 32 oz, 28 oz Soft Duck, ‘Blue Seal’ quality, is made to order in laminated square edge construction. Folded, round edge belting is also made against specific orders.


  • Tough, durable belting, with flexibility but little stretch.Limited
  • The ‘hard’ rubber frictioned duck withstands abrasive wear under prolonged severe conditions.
  • Has a high coefficient of friction thus belts can be run at minimum tension.
  • Good holding for belt fasteners, elevator bucket bolts, slats etc.
  • Transarm belt can withstand intermittent shock loads.
  • Perform heavy duty under all conditions except excessive oil.
  • Operate out of doors, even in extreme climatic conditions.
  • Transarm belts can be supplied both open end and endless.
  • Power Transmission
  • Industrial drives of all types
  • Laundry, milling, agricultural machinery
  • Quarry plant
Conveying (Flat or Troughed)
  • Parcels, packets, cartons etc
  • Grain, animal foods etc
  • Bucket elevators for grain etc